Dutch tiles by Royal Makkum Tichelaar since 1641

The current Makkum Tichelaar tiles that Dutch Art Pottery sells,
are produced the same tradition as when it began in 1641.
These tiles are handcrafted using a mould of yellow baking clay.
Following the first baking proces a layer of white pewter is applied.
On top of this layer a pattern is painted using crushed colour oxides.
A second baking process is then undergone in order to let the
colour shine through.

The tiles are marked on the back with the Makkum Tichelaar
trade mark. 
This consists of two T's representing the brothers Tichelaar.
Since 2013 the tiles are only available on order.
The earthenware factory is situated along the IJsselmeer coastline in
 the unique harbour town of Makkum

Dutch Art Pottery has a large collection of 20th century old Dutch tiles
from Tichelaar Makkum avaible.
These can for example be used in your kitchen, bathroom or fireplace.
Click on this link Inspirations to see some samples.

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